Selling your Snohomish or King County home

Working with the Real Estate Broker that is right for you will be one of the most important decisions you make in the process of selling your home. Whomever you choose will be responsible for guiding you through the transaction and should be someone who you believe will work in your best interest and has the knowledge to serve you well. I believe that sellers should speak with at least a few different Agents before making the decision. I also believe that as you speak to agents you will find that my services are second to none.

Some key items for selling your home

Make "Curb Appeal" a priority: So often you hear about curb appeal when it comes to the real estate business, there is a reason for that. Buyers often times make decisions based on the feelings that the house gives them in the first minute of seeing it. That's why its important to cut the grass, fix that broken fence, trim the over growing trees and bushes, or even pressure wash the house. Take care of the things that people see first even if it costs you a bit. These things will pay you back if you take care of them, first impressions are important.

Look for things that might need to be repaired: If an inspector finds an issue in your home after you have already agreed to a price this re opens the door for negotiation. Too often sellers don't take the time to do the repairs before they sell their home and it costs them when the inspector finds it. If an inspector finds an issue in the house buyers will often want it repaired professionally and certified ect. which can cost you a lot more money than it needs to, so get it done early.

Allow your Real Estate Agent to guide you: Often times it can be tough to make the right decisions when selling your home. Find a Real Estate Broker you can trust and hear what advice they have to give, their job is to work in your best interest.

Prepare for showings: Make sure to turn the lights on and let the sun shine through the windows when someone is going to be seeing the home. Clean the house, don't leave clutter out, remember buyers have to feel a connection to your home, once they see them selves living in it they will do what it takes to purchase it. Be prepared to have a showing on short notice. The more flexible you are the easier it is for people to see your home, the more people that see your home the more likely you are to get a great offer or even create some competing offers.

If you're interested in finding out how I can help sell your home give me a call (425)877-8415 Want a quick value estimate for your home? Click here! to see an instant estimate and I will follow up with a professional estimate as well.